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Frequently Asked Questions

About Security and Regulation

How secure is my money when I invest abroad?

We safeguard our clients' wealth by working with high-level partners and jurisdictions, ensuring economic stability and strict regulation.

What guarantees do I have if I invest my money with you?

✅ Protection of your assets under asset segregation and regulation "The Insurance Act 2008"

✅ International Financial Centers, rated by Moody's Aa3 and recognized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

✅ "Our Independence and Advice is Your Security":

"The best client advice" CII (Chartered Insurance Institution, London, United Kingdom)

Independent Financial Advice at every stage of your life

We are not tied to any financial institution or bank, allowing for transparent financial advice

About Financial Planning

How can I start planning my finances?

Analyzing and understanding your financial situation are fundamental to begin planning.

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How much money will I need when I retire?

This will depend on various factors: your current financial situation, your current age, the age at which you would like to retire, the percentage of your current lifestyle you would like to maintain, projected inflation, among others.

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How can I plan for my children's educational needs?

Let's start by analyzing: what type of education do you want to offer your children? Local and/or international? Current age, financial diagnosis, projected inflation, among others.

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In what currencies can I save and invest my money?

You can invest in three of the world's strongest currencies:

✅ US Dollars ($USD)

✅ British Pounds (£GBP)

✅ Euros (€EUR)

About the Service

What kind of services do you provide?

The heart of what we do is provide Independent Financial Advice.


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What can I expect from your services?

St. James International operates under 3 ethical standards:

✅ "Customer Care" comes first

✅ Investment solutions tailored to you

✅ World-class service based on your needs


What is the process they follow?

Step 1: Financial diagnosis and information analysis

Step 2: Strategy design and recommendations

Step 3: Agreement signing and implementation

Step 4: A warm Welcome to St James International

Step 5: Enjoy our sustainable financial advice over time


About the Product


What is the minimum investment amount?


Minimum amounts will depend on each financial institution; however, we share the recommended average amounts:


Regular Savings Planning:

Average initial amount: US$500+ monthly

Capital Investment:

Average initial amount: US$50,000+

Wealth Management:

Average initial amount: US$1M+


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Once I start my investment plan, do I have access to my capital?

Certainly! You have access to your capital.

The experience of our British and European partners understands the need for flexibility and access to your capital.

What types of funds can I invest in?

You can invest in boutique funds from different managers around the world: UK, US, Europe, and more, with access to:

✅ Stocks

✅ Bonds

✅ Commodities

✅ ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds)

✅ Currency

✅ Managed Futures

✅ Hedge Funds

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