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Connecting Global Financial Markets Since 1992
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"We prioritize the protection of your assets and those of your family."

For over 31 years, our financial advisory services have provided our clients with robust strategies to safeguard their assets and financial future. We rely on diversification and balance to protect you from threats to your capital, in addition to investing in regulated International Financial Centers.

✅ Diversify your capital

✅ Access to 6000+ funds

✅ Customized portfolio

✅ Asset management

✅ Wealth management

✅ Professional financial advice



"Advising you in the art of saving is our vocation."

We understand how crucial it is to comprehend your personal finances and engage in strategic savings planning. The pursuit of financial independence is a universal goal, and through saving habits, coupled with our expert guidance and management, you will achieve comprehensive financial well-being."

✅ Analyze your cash flow

✅ Identify ways to save

✅ Prioritize your savings goals

✅ Establish a solid savings habit

✅ Invest and grow your savings

✅ Create a retirement fund



"Unlock the potential of global stock markets."

With superior international benefits and services, increase and protect your existing wealth, always accompanied by qualified financial guidance. With our international range of exclusive Professional Portfolios, access a variety of over 6000+ investment funds.

✅ Diversify your capital

✅ Access to 6000+ funds

✅ Customized portfolio

✅ Asset management

✅ Wealth management

✅ Professional financial advice

About St. James International

Local Presence. 31 Years of Global Experience
Established in the United Kingdom in 1992, with headquarters in the heart of Mexico City, our offices near the Angel of Independence provide expertise in international investments. As Independent Financial Advisors, we prioritize and plan your financial future, acting as your strategic partners. Whether you are based in Mexico or any other country around the world. We are truly international.

Discover Global Opportunities
With connections to leading global fund management partners, we offer access to diverse global markets, asset classes, and 11 business sectors, including Technology, Sustainable Energy, Innovation, and Real Estate.

Invest with Purpose
Our client-focused philosophy prioritizes diversification, efficiency, and expertise, creating portfolios that encompass stocks, bonds, commodities, and alternatives. We collaborate with the best Fund Managers and Analysts.
Experience local presence, personalized service, and investment opportunities aligned with your goals. Contact us today and maximize your financial success.


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Our Offices

Río Niagara #61, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 CDMX, México

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Our Offices

Río Niagara #61, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 CDMX, México

Backed by Clients and Partners

"8 years as a client of St James International. Highly recommended, an excellent option for protecting and diversifying investments, both in currencies and geographically. Reliable, excellent service, always present, and advising according to the current financial landscape."

Guadalupe Díaz

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